Leila Bagheriye,

Leila Bagheriye,
  • Company: University of Twente


She received her PhD in electronics from the University of Zanjan, Iran, and was a visiting PhD student at Aarhus University in Denmark for one year. During her Ph.D. she has worked on non-volatile (NV) memory design for hardware implementation of neural networks (Neuromorphic computing); including a high performance NV-SRAM cells for dynamically reconfigurable FPGAs with MTJ elements, high sensing margin sense amplifiers for STT-MRAMS and modelling 22 nm independent gate FinFET transistors in device level.
After fulfilling her Ph.D. thesis, she was been working as a researcher at Iran Telecom Research Center (ITRC) about circuit/system/algorithm design for neuromorphic systems.
Since 2019, as a Post Doc researcher at the University of Twente, she has been involving in the HADES project. She is conducting research on Machine learning/Deep learning and statistical based approach for Life-Time Prognostics of Dependable VLSI-SoCs by physics based/data driven approaches in a multi sensory platform.